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20 June 2017

An Open Letter to Registered Voters in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District

[Note to readers: Today’s message is so important that it preempts my regular posts and usual in-post index to popular recent posts. If you know anyone in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, please send them a link to this post. Normal content will resume tomorrow.]

Today’s the day! As a registered voter in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, you have extraordinary electoral power. You can put America back on the right track.

All you have to do is go to your regular polling station and vote in a special election being held today, in your district alone. Vote for Jon Ossoff, the Democrat, for Congress. If he wins, he will replace Tom Price, your former congressman, who has become Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services.

According to recent polls, Ossoff has a narrow lead in this special election. He’s a progressive Democrat, and he could win in a district that Trump won by over 20 points! He could cause a political earthquake that would wake up people all over this country. ¥ou could help him.

Think of that. A progressive Democrat has a good chance to win in a deep red district in the Deep South. He could take the seat in Congress recently held by the mastermind of a bill to deprive 24 million Americans of health insurance.

To make this political earthquake, you don’t have to die for your country. You don’t even have to fight for it. You don’t have to shed tears, blood or sweat for it. You needn’t even spend your hard-earned money, as so many Americans like me, all over the country, have done in supporting Ossoff.

All you have to do is do is spend less than an hour of your time. The ballot is short because this is a special election. Just go to your regular polling station, show your ID, and vote. Vote for Jon Ossoff, the Democrat, for congressman from Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

If Ossoff wins you will have struck a hard blow against Donald Trump as president. You will have pushed for Medicare for All, for a decent minimum wage, for economic equality, for investigating Vladimir Putin’s meddling in our presidential election, and against the over-militarized, violent policing in our cities that has killed so many of our unarmed citizens.

This may be the most important special election in a generation. If people like you who care don’t vote, we will lose our democracy to the bosses. Those who want the rich and powerful to rule by themselves will win. You can stop them by voting for Jon Ossoff today.

If he wins, we the people can begin to take our country back. It’s all up to you today, right now. Go and vote before the polls close at 7 pm today!



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