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29 September 2012

My Dozen Tweets

[In general, I don’t Tweet. Twitter is a bizarre art form, a sort of digital Jon Stewart. I’m a thinker, not an artist.

But at their best, Tweets are like haiku—attempts to express ineffable truths in as few characters as possible. In that spirit, I offer the following dozen Tweets:

1. Russians worship an all-powerful state, we Yanks autonomous markets. If we both met in the middle and got practical, we might succeed like Germany.

2. The digital generation is the first truly lost generation, for in cyberspace everything is true.

3. Anyone who thinks cutting taxes on the rich will bring back lost jobs deserves to be unemployed.

4. Kids run away from parents with fixed ideas who admit no fault and blame their own mistakes on others. So why should kids follow Republicans?

5. If cutting taxes and regulation and downsizing government made us happier, we’d be in Paradise by now, because we’ve been doing them for thirty years.

6. Karl Rove is Stalin reborn here; he’s just not as powerful, yet.

7. If the Republican party’s collection of extremists were a single person, he or she would be schizophrenic.

8. Mitt’s two admirable traits are his wife’s loyalty and his irrepressible brass.

9. In ’63, African-Americans’ futures depended on whites judging them by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Now all our futures depend on whites judging one man that way.

10. If lies were dollars, the GOP could pay off our national debt. [See 1, 2 and 3 (search for “any sense”).]

11. Mitt wouldn’t let Dubya come to his convention, but his policies are the same: cutting taxes and regulation, downsizing government, and privatizing anything that moves. Should we buy what Mitt himself barred?

12. Suppose your dad was like Mitt: an arrogant, rich, cocksure flip-flopper, who can’t understand why everyone is not as lucky as he. Would you live at home or move out?

If you think these Tweets have a germ of truth, then spread them like dandelions on a spring day. Even take credit for them; I don’t mind. My goal is not credit but bringing our country back to facts, evidence, reason and common sense.

Then get out there and work your tail off for Obama and your local Democratic Senate and House candidates. If they lose, you will spend your next decade underemployed and living with your parents, unless you or they are already rich.



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