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24 May 2008

Goodbye, Hillary!

From now on this blog will focus on the general election campaign and unrelated matters of public policy, relegating Hillary to the footnote status she so richly deserves.

Having no crystal ball, I don’t know when Hillary will be forced to accept reality. That depends upon the tug of war between the superdelegates’ better judgment and the age-old moral norm that one doesn’t push a lady.

But I do know that Hillary’s candidacy is finished. Her “assassination” gaffe is the very sort of coup de grace for her own campaign that she had hoped would finish Obama’s.

I doubt she really meant to imply that the party needs her standing by in the event of the unthinkable. For me, it was enough that she had the gall to compare herself—even by inference—to one of the three great leaders of the sixties, each of whom died in the service of a cause far larger than himself.

As far as I can tell, Hillary’s campaign has never served any purpose other than her own, and she has served that purpose with all the narrowness of spirit of the pettiest courtroom shyster. No point was too tawdry, small or self-serving for her to argue, no pander too low, and no apology so necessary as to avoid weaseling, whether on her Iraq vote, her Bosnia fantasy or now her twice invoking the specter of assassination. She never did apologize to Senator Obama or his family, who are the obvious foci of fear of assassination in this election.

May God give her wisdom to exit with grace, and the selflessness to redeem her twisted candidacy by leading her partisans back to the great cause of arresting our nation’s precipitous decline. And may God grant us leaders who are acquainted less with interminable legal argument and more with problem solving and statesmanship. “Obliterate,” indeed!


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