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26 June 2007

Ten Reasons to Back Barack

There is still time for us to have the extraordinary leadership we need for these extraordinary times. With the second quarter’s money race ending in four days, here are ten reasons to support Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy now:

    1. He’s by far the smartest candidate in either party; he’ll cure our intelligence deficit and begin to solve our problems.

    2. He understands and respects reality; he’ll put aside the “culture wars” and “spin” and work honestly on real problems.

    3. He’s the uniter, not divider, that Bush promised to be but never was.

    4. He’s the rare Democrat who understands economics.

    5. He has Abe Lincoln’s uncanny ability to respect and empathize with all points of view, even when he strongly disagrees.

    6. An articulate gentleman with a soft voice, he’ll bring statesmanship back to our capital.

    7. He’s a political realist; he won’t waste energy pushing things the country isn’t ready for, like single-payer health care or privatizing Social Security.

    8. A one-time professor of constitutional law, he’ll restore our Bill of Rights and our checks and balances.

    9. He can connect with everyone in our great nation, from senators and law professors to pickup basketball players in the inner city.

    10. He has a strong family background: he’s the son of two Ph.D.s.

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